Retrospective: Gucci fashion ads 1995-1996

6:45 AM

There are many of you who have piles of old fashion magazines at home, don't youI have a surplus of old fashion magazines. I was saving them since 1995. From time to time I go through them to pick up some nice picture or outfit.
I remember I saw Amber Valetta on the cover of Vogue issue of February 1996 and I was so impressed by her hairstyle, make up and dress, later I saw her in Gucci campaigns. I remember how much I wanted to have those two coats and black lace dress. Tom Ford is a genius.


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  1. Genius indeed! A total loyal follower, where he goes I go! Classically sexy defined.

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  2. I know what you mean, but in my case it goes for interior magazines. I have SO MANY ;)
    xx Marie

  3. Yeah I have LOTS of magazines too, it's so great to look back in them after a few years :) Lovely post!


  4. Como molan las fotos O.O!!!!

    Besos =)

  5. love these photos gucci has always been amazing!

  6. the picture with the lace dress is killer. and i feel like all of this is still totally in style.

    i have a bunch of vintage vogues from the 60s and 70s (my moms + some antique store finds) that I love looking through for inspiration.

  7. I remember these ads and the runway show! spring 1996 gucci, kate moss wore a white laced dress similar to the black one from the ad in the 3rd picture.

  8. Tom Ford for Gucci... classic! Here's a few others that we love :)


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