Barcelona: it's springtime

6:30 PM

Today is the first day of Spring and we have such a nice weather! 
I went out from work and was thinking how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city like Barcelona. 
It is so nice to see people sitting in cafeterias on the streets, enjoying coffee and chat with a friends.
It is so nice coming back home passing by the beach and breath salty sea air.
 But it dangerous if you are hungry and your pocket is almost empty, 
there are tons of waterfront restaurants and it smells so inviting! 
I love Barcelona!
Which kind of weather do you have? Do you feel spring in the air?

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  1. Looks wonderful! We have spring in the air too, but not sure how long it will last...
    xx Marie

  2. Barcelona is so beautiful! Looks like real wonderful spring!


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