Travel: Marbella, Spain

2:00 PM

 Today I will show you some photos from my trip to Marbella. 
We were very lucky with the weather, it was warm and sunny. 
The city itself is beautiful, especially the old part of Marbella (photos in my next post).
 I was kind of surprised by the size of the city, its not so small as I imagined it. 
As for the expenses, you can find places on any budget. 
If you are looking for more "glamorous" life you should go to Puerto Banus,
 its a small village full of yachts and expensive shops.

I could not resist taking this photo. Love Vespa

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  1. Looks beautiful!!! I'll have to add Marbella to my travel list! :)

    1. soon I will post photos from the old part of Marbella. Its very beautiful and full of flowers


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